Drumragh Integrated College is a forward-thinking, caring and successful school that provides a warm and stimulating learning environment for its students. It is an integrated, non-selective post-primary school catering for students aged 11-18. It has established itself academically, with impressive exam results, and has a strong reputation for quality pastoral care. The college aims to prepare its students well for the fast-changing world of the 21st century.

Our mission statement is ‘Excellence for Everyone’, and we take this goal seriously. We aim to offer a shining example of integration in practice and to provide a quality of education that is second to none.

Drumragh Integrated College aims to:

  • Provide excellent education for all.

  • Be a strong example of integration in practice.

  • Support the fulfilment by every student of his or her academic, personal, spiritual and social potential.

  • Encourage each student to treat others with tolerance, understanding and respect.

  • Provide a safe, positive learning environment where students enjoy learning and staff enjoy teaching.

  • Recognise and celebrate achievement, especially where it represents a student’s personal best.

  • Welcome an active and supportive partnership with parents.

  • Embrace those of diverse religious beliefs and none, whilst building on a Christian ethos.

  • Encourage all students to live and work, both in the present and the future, as constructive members of their local and wider communities.

  • Prepare students well for the fast-changing world of the 21st century.

The college promotes the following values:

  • Respect yourself.

  • Respect others.

  • Respect your environment.

  • Learn to the best of your ability.

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