“Openness, Trust, Collegiality, Fulfilling Potential.”

OIPS provides a learning environment where children and young people from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds, as well as those of other faiths or none, can learn with, from and about each other. The promotion of equality and good relations extends to everyone in the school, their families and the wider community regardless of their religious, cultural or social backgrounds.

The four core principals of Integrated Education represent the cornerstones of our integrated ethos and OIPS demonstrates its distinctiveness and vision through its commitment to those core principals of:


  • Our purpose is to provide a quality education where high standards are an expectation; learning experiences develop the whole child and enable them to reach their full and unique potential in a fully integrated environment.
  • Our purpose is to educate and prepare our children for post-primary school and adult life, encouraging the development of confident, complete and loving individuals.
  • Our purpose is to share an understanding of what is right and wrong based on the four core principals of Integrated Education. Above all, we value fairness, forgiveness, love, respect and trust.
  • Our school creates a welcoming and engaging environment where children feel safe, happy and excited to learn.
  • Our school values everyone, respecting and valuing the richness of diversity.
  • We value our pupils, staff, parents, families, governors and the wider community by working together and supporting each other.
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