The integrated ethos of Omagh Integrated Campus means that everyone is fully included and fully valued. The Campus welcomes those of diverse religious beliefs and none, whilst building on a Christian ethos.

Integration means respecting yourself and others, even when they have different beliefs from yours. We have high standards, asking that everyone works and learns to their full potential, helps those around them to do their best too, and develops into a thoughtful, caring member of her or his community.

Integration creates a positive learning environment where pupils and students grow together in reasonably balanced numbers from the two major traditions and, equally, reflecting the many diverse cultures that live within Northern Ireland today.

Integration involves:

  • Excellence for everyone.

  • A positive environment where students learn together and respect each other.

  • A safe and caring community.

  • Strong staff- pupil/student relationships.

  • Understanding that happy children learn better.

  • Quality teaching for all, including those with special needs, gifts and talents.

  • Celebrating personal best and fostering self-esteem.

  • A Christian ethos embracing diverse religious beliefs and none.

  • High academic standards and behavioural expectations.

  • All cultures, all abilities, all nurtured, all valued.

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